Monthly Archive: January 2016

Nikon D500 - new professional SLR DX 0

Nikon D500 – new professional SLR DX

Nikon has finally decided to give an heir to the highly acclaimed D300s, which has been, so far, the latest SLR with sensor DX format professional level. The newcomer is called D500 and, despite...


Lumia 650 is certified in FCC

The Lumia 650 can be presented by Microsoft at any time, so the target rumor almost daily. Now, the device eventually underwent its approval at the FCC, which demonstrates that in fact could reach...


Sandisk Extreme 510 – rugged portable SSD

The spread of the SSD is a phenomenon evident to the public users will not only passionate: the performance benefits achieved with these solutions, in comparison with the traditional mechanical hard drives, are tangible...

Le Max Pro has revealed price 0

Le Max Pro has revealed price

Yesterday was unveiled at CES 2016 the world’s first smartphone with Snapdragon 820 chipset, Le Max Pro. The new release of LeTV not only brings the most awaited processor of the mobile market but...

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