Monthly Archive: February 2016


Raspberry Pi 3 with WiFi, Bluetooth and Cortex A53

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the creation of his first mini-PC family, Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new and interesting model. Four years ago the small Raspberry entered peremptorily in...

Alcatel Idol 4S - review 0

Alcatel Idol 4S – review

Alcatel returns to the mobile market with force. The company presented at the last Mobile World Congress terminals 2016. And not only wants to compete in the lower and middle ranges, also has a...

Klipsch Groove - portable Bluetooth speaker 0

Klipsch Groove – portable Bluetooth speaker

The American company Klipsch has introduced its new portable speaker Klipsch Groove, which stands out for offering powerful sound and robust, capable of withstanding perfectly if we use it in the open design. A...

Haier launches Watch with Android 6.0 0

Haier launches Watch with Android 6.0

The connected watches have been largely absent from the Mobile World Congress 2016. Haier is one of the few manufacturers to have announced something on the sector by launching its Haier Watch. A watch...

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