Canon ME20F-SH – Full-Frame 35mm Camera with 4 Million Max ISO

Canon ME20F-SH - Full-Frame 35mm Camera with 4 Million Max ISO

The Japanese multinational Canon has just introduced a new professional video camera with ISO sensitivity able to reach, grab air, four million. It is a device designed to capture color images with Full HD resolution in very low light conditions. Ideal for nature recordings, nocturnal wildlife or deep-sea exploration, the new ME20F-SH is also very small and light, and is also compatible with the wide range of EF mount lenses Canon catalog.

Apart from its high sensitivity four million ISO, the new Canon ME20F-SH stands out for its small size, with a body that measures just 102 mm high and 116 mm background and 113 deep, and weighs about 1.1 kilos excluding objective. This reduced size makes it possible to easily hide applications nocturnal wildlife photography, or install in inaccessible positions easier to handle with optional remote control RC-V100. The ME20F-SH has an EF mount with lock type similar to the EOS C500 Cinema, so it can be used with any of the lenses Canon EF range.

Canon ME20F-SH - Full-Frame 35mm Camera with 4 Million Max ISO

The Canon ME20F-SH is equipped with a full format sensor 35 mm with 2.26 megapixels and a DIGIC DV4 engine charge of the whole process. The pixel sensor has a size 5.5 times the CMOS sensors we can find in conventional cameras. That, combined with other proprietary technologies included, it is what enables the camera to achieve ISO sensitivity no less than 4 million can capture subjects lit by less than 0.0005 lux with a noise level content. Thus the ME20F-SH can get videos in color with a maximum resolution of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) even when working in environments with little lighting. As with other film cameras EOS for the brand, Canon has included adjustments Canon Log and DR Wide to increase the dynamic range of the images obtained by the new ME20F-SH.

Canon ME20F-SH - Full-Frame 35mm Camera with 4 Million Max ISO

In the area of connectivity, our protagonist has HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI monitor output HD-SDI video, OSD or HDMI, headphone, audio input minijack stereo input for SD cards firmware updates, and terminals for remote control of the camera. And the new ME20F-SH is also compatible with Canon RC-V100 command, from which you can manage all functions of the camera.

As for pricing and availability in your press release Canon announces that due to the new guidance specialists ME20F-SH is available only through a limited number of distributors. Canon has not released pricing or arrival in Europe, but we can come forward that ME20F-SH would be available in the US later this year, and approximate retail price would be no less than US $ 30,000.

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