Review External battery Solar MOVE POWER BANK 30000 mAh

Review External battery Solar MOVE POWERBANK 30000 mAh

If you’re going to go hiking, indispensable thing in the backpack will be Power Bank. External Battery Move Power Bank not only for its impressive capacity of 30000 mAh, but also the presence of solar panel that can charge the battery with solar energy.

Packaging equipment

MOVE POWER BANK comes with 4 adapters for charging type: Mini USB, Micro USB, Nokia, iPhone. Also in packing was USB-cable and the battery itself.

Review External battery Solar MOVE POWERBANK 30000 mAh

Appearance and Design

The charger has a compact size of 128 x 78 x 24 mm and light weight – 310 g.

Review External battery Solar MOVE POWERBANK 30000 mAh

On the control panel are two USB ports – one on 1A, the other on the 2.1A. Also, microUSB port for charging the battery. Also there is a button on / off, charge indicator and a flashlight.

The battery is quite easy to operate and allows you to change the charging voltage in the range of 3.7V / 4.2V / 5.0V. The battery has a built-in “smart” surge protection and battery level indicator.

Review External battery Solar MOVE POWERBANK 30000 mAh

On the rear panel of the external battery written specifications:

  • Solar panel 1.5 W
  • Battery capacity 30000 mAh or 111 wh
  • Input power 5V-1A
  • Output power 5V – 1A and 2.1A.

Review External battery Solar MOVE POWERBANK 30000 mAh

With USB port on 2.1A can be charged powerful devices such as the iPad or iPad Mini, or quickly charge smartphone or camera.

Why are we attracted to this model? Firstly, the presence of the solar panel. On the site shop was stated that the battery is fully charged in 10 hours of sunshine.


During testing, we charged an external battery to 100% and began to connect the discharged devices. During the test, we connected the following gadgets:

  • iPad Mini – 4340 mAh – 100%
  • Nexus 5 – 2300 mAh – 100%
  • iPod – 930 mAh – 100%
  • GoPro – 1050 mAh – 100%

As a result, the total capacity of all devices was about 9000 mAh.

Review External battery Solar MOVE POWERBANK 30000 mAh

After our testing, we can say that the battery is not 30000 mAh, as specified by the manufacturer. I can’t say I was disappointed, because from the very beginning did not believe that the battery has a 30000 mAh.

Nevertheless, even the 9000 mAh battery is enough to charge a standard smartphone 1500 mAh for 6-7 times. And with the availability of solar panels, external battery can be recharged hot sunny days. So the battery will be useful for tourists, fishermen, hunters, and people who love active holiday away from civilization.

In addition, if you are in favor of maintaining the environment, thanks to MOVE POWER BANK, you can make your own contribution. This external battery will able to charge your mobile device by “green” energy.

SOLAR BATTERY MOVE POWERBANK was provided to us on the review by the store GearBest.

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