Galaxy S7 will be the first smartphone with Snapdragon 820

Galaxy S7 will be the first smartphone with Snapdragon 820

Last year the entire smartphone market was shocked by the news that Samsung refused supplies Snapdragon 810 on its Galaxy S6. The smartphone actually debuted on the market only in the variant with Exynos 7420 processor with Qualcomm who unwillingly lost a great opportunity to obtain supplies on the top of the range’s most famous and popular of the 2015 generation.

The cause’s officers have never been released, but it seems that Samsung is not convinced processor performance American, especially in terms of heat dissipation. Snapdragon 810 proved to be warmer than expected in the processing of high computational loads, a feature that has pushed the Koreans to choose their own exclusive technology to 14-nm, rather than the older 20-nm from Qualcomm.

Besides the processor Exynos 7420 proved much better performance in synthetic benchmarks and a better processor at 360 ° to the unfortunate Snapdragon 810. The music will change in 2016, however, when it is expected the great return of Samsung the incumbent supplier of a chip. Are several rumors that mention the news, confirmed by rumors the last hour from China.

Snapdragon 820 is a quad-core SoC in 2 + 2 configuration in which both CPUs have architecture very similar, but with different operating frequencies and cache. It is designed by Qualcomm but printed by the same Samsung with its production process to 14nm LPP. According to preliminary analysis (to soon publish a preview depth with the first benchmark), it seems to be particularly promising.

The bond that joins Samsung and Qualcomm appears to be stronger than expected given that, according to sources, Galaxy S7 will be the first smartphone to equip the new system-on-chip, and perhaps the only one until the end of April. In short, the Americans have promised temporary exclusivity to Samsung, but will likely be many smartphones that will use the new technology of Qualcomm after the Koreans.

Recall that Galaxy S7 will be proposed in a variant with Exynos 8890, although its marketing should not be expected in our European market.

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