HTC U12 first review: Specifications, price and release date

HTC U12 first review: Specifications, price and release date

Chinese company HTC has a habit of updating its flagship line of smartphones in May. And now there is information about the new flagship of 2018. This is a smartphone HTC U12, or, as it is called, HTC Imagine, which will replace the HTC U11.

According to the latest information, the new flagship will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and a dual rear camera. According to rumors, the smartphone will receive Project Treble support from Google, for a faster software update.

HTC U12 first review: Specifications, price and release dateHTC U12: Design

The case of HTC U12 turned out stylish, but not like the iPhone of the last generations. It is noted that the smartphone will have many common external similarities with its predecessor HTC U11. The device is made in the classic for the brand rounded style, which complements the lack of buttons on the side panel. The phone’s frame is made of aluminum, which gives rigor to the appearance. The front and back surfaces are covered with curved glass.

Almost the entire front panel will take a 5.99-inch screen with a resolution (Quad HD +) 1440 x 2880 pixels and the ratio of the sides is 18: 9. The display uses a Super LCD 6 matrix with a resolution of 4K.

HTC U12 first review: Specifications, price and release date

During preliminary tests, the specialists determined that the display has an excellent color rendition. In addition, it clearly reflects real colors when viewing pictures taken on it. In the operating system shell, there is a special widget that allows not only adjust the brightness and contrast of the device but also include a “night” mode, which is characterized by warmer colors of the screen.

The HTC U12 received a fairly high level of protection against water according to the IP68 standard. Experts note that the device can be kept in a liquid at a depth of 3 meters. In addition, he will receive a high level of protection from dust and other external stimuli. The front of the smartphone is covered with a fairly durable glass, counteracting scratches and chips. On the back, there will also be a translucent panel, which can speak of supporting the wireless charging function. The exact information on this account is not yet available.

HTC U12 first review: Specifications, price and release dateHTC U12: Camera

The main feature of HTC U12 was a dual camera module from Sony. One of the sensors received a resolution of 16 megapixels. He will be responsible for the main part of the picture. Focus on the object will be a second camera with 12 megapixels.

Representatives of the company noted that the device will be one of the best in terms of image quality due to the mass of widgets in the operating system shell. Similar technologies were used in the device HTC U11 Eyes, which was released last year. Due to the low level of performance, the brand decided to work on the errors by making a more powerful device. In May last year, DxOMark conducted a study, in which the camera HTC U11 was the best. Experts hope that the new device will receive similar estimates due to the use of modern image stabilization technology.

On the front panel will be located front camera at 8 MP, which is responsible for the work of the proprietary face recognition technology HTC Face Unlock and will be very useful for a selfie and video calls.

HTC U12 first review: Specifications, price and release date

HTC U12: Specifications

According to preliminary data, the device will receive a modern chip Snapdragon 845, which has a high level of adaptability. The processor is eight-core and consists of four cores with a clock speed of up to 2.8 GHz and four cores with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. Together with the chipset will install the graphical interface Adreno 630, designed to work with high frame rate. The stock of CPU and GPU in the device is definitely enough for all new products for the next few years. Experts note that the tandem of the graphics adapter and the chip makes it possible to work in several rather complicated applications at once, which will not cause any problems or bugs in the functioning of the device.

In the maximum configuration of the device, the user will receive 6 gigabytes of RAM and 256 GB of storage. Previously, insiders reported that HTC U12 planned to use a graphics chip with built-in RAM, but this idea was abandoned because of the total cost of the device. At the same time, 6 GB should be enough for all the basic functionality of the smartphone. The internal permanent drive remained without the possibility of expansion, but this drawback is compensated by the presence of 256 GB of memory.

For autonomy, HTC U12 is responsible for a battery capacity of 3420 mAh, which will support the technology of rapid charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. This figure is slightly larger than that of its predecessors since the device will use up energy faster because of the improved technological part.

Operating system Android 8 Oreo, which is used in the device, received a shell Sense 10. For the sensitivity of the faces, which do not have buttons, meets Edge Senses 2.0. The device will be the first in the series, which will be an innovative technology HTC Face Unlock, which is Apple’s response to Face ID. According to experts, it functions stably, but requires verification, in view of which it will be presented in the beta version.

HTC U12 first review: Specifications, price and release date

HTC U12: Price and Availability

The smartphone HTC U12 should be available in April this year at $ 880, which is $ 49 less than the price of the HTC U11 Plus.

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