IPhone 7 phone to a female audience

IPhone 7 phone to a female audience

It ”s the next move of Apple, an iPhone 7 smaller dedicated to female, that according to the latest rumors will be presented in the spring.

 Although analysts are willing to bet that Apple has decided to keep the line of product presentation as in past years, several clues can disprove this belief.

¬†Apparently the news leaked by an insider, presumably belonging to the assembly lines of the particular third party, reported that Apple is planning to launch a new device on the market, which probably corresponds to the iPhone 7. According to the ‘ indiscretion, the new model will be released in the spring of this year and will have the task of supporting the clock Apple Watch. The iPhone 7 unexpectedly will have a smaller screen of 4 inches, the person who reported the information claims that Apple wanted to re-evaluate this format to allow for a female audience, or users with smaller hands, handle and grip better the device.

 Obviously if Apple decided to retrace his steps revaluing a reduced size of the screen on this next iPhone 7 line, the device will definitely be equipped with new features that make it unique in its kind and will induce the market. On this latter figure is not reached no other details about the technical features of the next iPhone 7, the only point to be emphasized is the fact that the analyst Morgan Stanley seems to agree on the assumption of the choice of Apple to present more than one device year, is it true?

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