iPhone 8 – latest rumors, specs, release date and price

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

Apple would be working on the new iPhone 8. The company could announce it next September together with other devices with somewhat more restrained features. For now, we have some pretty important data on this new device. We know that it would arrive with a renewed design, in which there would be no presence of physical start button. The fingerprint reader could be located at the rear and the screen would be larger than usual. It would reach 5.8 inches.

Also, as far as we know from leaks, it would perform much better than previous generations. The photographic section would also surprise and have a double sensor with 3D functions. As you can see there are lots of messy data and we want to make some sense. Below we will explain in detail all the rumors published so far. Know everything we know so far about the next iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

iPhone 8: Screen and design

Apple would put the new iPhone 8 in a completely different design than previous models. At last, we would see significant changes in the outward appearance, judging by all the rumors. Apparently, its chassis would be made of very high-quality ceramics, with rounded edges, but giving a special prominence to the screen (which would be slightly curved). That role would go so far as to not encounter any obstacles along the way. That is, in the front, we would not find a physical start button as on other occasions. It would be inside the touch panel itself.

The screen has been talking for a long time. As far as we know, it would enjoy Samsung’s OLED technology and would have a size of 5.8 inches. The floor area would consist of 5.15 inches. The remaining surface would belong to the virtual buttons, which would replace the start button. Thanks to this OLED panel we would get more contrast, more colors and a lower energy consumption. Therefore, the battery would suffer less. Another important issue to address here is that of water resistance. Currently the last devices of Californian are IP67 certified. The truth is that it is somewhat short if compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S7. These devices boast IP68 certification, capable of holding half an hour in water up to one meter and a half deep. Apparently, Apple would have reconsidered and the new iPhone 8 would also come with this category.

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

Continuing with the design, in the following image you can see the last filtration of the device. Appear the molds of the new terminals in which Apple would be working: iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. If you look, the iPhone 8 would include the fingerprint reader (Touch ID) in the back and would have a double camera In horizontal position (according to this filtration).

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

iPhone 8: Specifications

Everything indicates that Apple would power your iPhone 8 with an A11 processor. It would be logical since the current iPhone 7 works through an A10. All rumors coincide that the A11 would be the smallest chip of the American company. It would have a more efficient and fast operation and a lower energy expenditure. This Soc would arrive accompanied by a RAM of 3 GB. A pretty tight figure if we compare it with that which some current devices include.

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

In terms of internal storage, it is planned that the new terminal will be available in two different capacities. We would find a model with 128 GB of space and another version with a capacity of 256 GB. With respect to the connections, there is a high possibility that the iPhone 8 does not have the famous port Lightning characteristic of Apple. According to some media, such as The Wall Street Journal, this year would bet on a type C USB port, popular among some high-end mobile. However, there is little evidence to support this hypothesis. The most logical thing would be that the iPhone 8 arrived with the usual connector of the company.

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

iPhone 8: Cameras

And we came to one of the sections that have been talked about since the rumors about the iPhone 8 began. From the beginning, we talk about a double main camera, similar to the current iPhone 7 Plus. So far all normal. The funny thing comes when we focus on the front camera. The latest rumors indicate that a double sensor would also be added. In your case with 3D functions. What would this mean? Basically, that would reinforce security. That is, Apple’s motivation would not focus solely on getting higher quality selfies. The main objective would be to provide greater security in the facial detection system that is expected to include this new phablet.

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

iPhone 8: Battery

Taking into account the hardware section of this phone, we do not expect Apple to equip it with a poor battery. The latest rumors about this section suggest a two-cell L-shaped battery, with a capacity that would be around 2,700 milliamps. The current iPhone 7 Plus equips a 2,900 mAh. We would, therefore, be faced with a battery of less capacity, but with an energy efficiency system that would allow us to get more out of the iPhone 8. Also, Apple would have taken care of the internal components to increase the autonomy as much as possible. The processor would be more efficient as well as the screen or the camera. To this must be added the operating system. IOS 11 is expected to offer more effective power-saving modes to extend device usage.

iPhone 8 - latest rumors, specs, release date and price

iPhone 8: Availability and price

To continue with its annual calendar, Apple would announce the new iPhone 8 next September. Therefore, it is very likely that the terminal will start arriving in different markets weeks after its release. There has also been much talk about the price, and a device is not expected what is cheap. The smaller version, with 128 GB capacity would not cost less than 1,000 euros. In any case, it is best to have patience and wait for a little.


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