LeEco Le X: Bezel-less smartphone with four cameras

LeEco Le X: Bezel-less smartphone with four cameras

The network got information that the manufacturer of mobile smartphones LeEco is working on a new smartphone called LeEco Le X.

In recent years, the Chinese company LeEco clearly was unlucky, it suffered a series of unpleasant events – a crisis inside the top management and financial collapse. And since the release of LeEco Le Pro 3 AI Edition in the second quarter of last year, the company has not brought to the market a single smartphone. Although it is worth noting that due to low cost, LeEco smartphones are still in high demand.

But it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has decided to wake up from a long sleep and is now preparing to release its first frameless smartphone with a display with an aspect ratio of 18: 9.

Informants say that the new smartphone can appear on sale under the name LeEco Le X.

LeEco Le X: Bezel-less smartphone with four cameras

LeEco Le X: Design

New images of the alleged LeEco Le X were first introduced in the Chinese social network Weibo and detail the device in some detail. LeEco Le X boasts a very elegant and modern appearance, as it will be delivered with extremely thin frames. In addition, the display model is visibly bent at the corners.

The screen occupies a rather large area and has an aspect ratio of 18: 9. Under the display, there are no buttons, because the frame is small enough, but on the upper frame we see in the middle a long lattice of the speaker, and to the left of it there is a dual front camera.

The back of the case has a simple texture. It has a vertical double main camera and a dual LED flash located slightly to the right.

LeEco Le X: Bezel-less smartphone with four cameras

It’s interesting that the fingerprint scanner on the phone is not visible anywhere, and this indicates a possible installation under the Synaptics sensor screen. However, given the company’s financial problems, this assumption would be a bit difficult to do. It is a pity that LeEco is experiencing a shortage of money. As a developer, she really created quite a few wonderful smartphones before she had to curtail her business because of her debts.

LeEco Le X: Bezel-less smartphone with four cameras

This particular phone can probably qualify for a place in the line of flagship smartphones, or at least an average device. Nevertheless, there is a question about the reliability of the above characteristics. Since the images we saw today are the first copy of LeEco Le X, there is no official information about its specifications or price tag. However, if this source has not confused anything and has not distorted, other information outliers will soon follow.

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