LG 32UD99: 32-inch UHD 4K monitor with USB-C at CES

LG 32UD99: 32-inch UHD 4K monitor with USB-C at CES

LG wants you to be more productive both in your work hours and when you are playing with your products. That’s how at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) to be held next January in Las Vegas will feature a 32-inch UHD 4K monitor that will also be compatible with HDR.

LG did not wait for the month of January and much less to CES 2017 to present the monitors that will see the light.

If you still do not hear the HDR (High Dynamic Range), you should be accustomed to its acronyms since even the consoles like the PlayStation 4 incorporate it into their new models. It is a set of techniques that allow a better dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. Translated, we will have images more in line with those visualized by the human eye, which more accurately represents the range of levels of intensity that exist in real scenes.

And as in the televisions, the HDR already is something that is implemented, LG wanted to do it now on computer monitors. The first to have this technology will be the LG 32UD99, which will enjoy its 32 inches in which in addition to the HDR will have the 4K that will begin to be implemented in computer monitors. LG bets on its televisions by the HDR10, now in the monitors for the computer will also be the one that is used.

LG 32UD99: 32-inch UHD 4K monitor with USB-C at CES

The fact of betting for the HDR in a monitor for a computer is that this technology is more and more expanded, being able to enjoy movies until games. This is how its image quality has conquered even the most demanding user because it is a professional image quality and with colors that are vibrant. It becomes a monitor that is worth both for professionals, for lovers of games and anyone who enjoys a good quality of an image in front of their eyes.

LG 32UD99 will come with 4K panel (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) that will be of the IPS type, assuring from LG that they will cover more than 95% of the color space DCI-P3. With features like True Color Pro, having HDR10 will initially surprise us with its ability to manage colors. In addition, we make sure to enjoy to the maximum of the new generation games considering that they will arrive with this standard soon.

LG 32UD99 has built-in loudspeakers – with LG’s Rich Bass technology – and also has USB type C connectors that have come to life to stay and to minimize the number of cables we use. Still missing more data by the Korean company, which we suppose wants to save until CES 2017 not to gut absolutely everything. Although physically it has been able to see how the edges have been rounded, and have used their support ArcLine to make it more elegant.

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