LG G3 Stylus

LG G3 Stylus

LG has released the LG G3 Stylus, a phone of upper midrange that is distinct from LG G3 it has a stylus for better management of the terminal. Therefore, this device is especially designed for those who will give the smartphone a professional use. We are also confident that will have a very attractive price, decreasing the performance flagship of the brand.

 The LG G3 Stylus features a 5.5 inch display with qHD resolution, ie of 960 x 540 pixels. This implies that it is a little worse than the flagship of the Korean company, but still has excellent quality. Inside carries a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor at 1.3 gigahertz, which ensures good performance of the terminal. Your RAM is a gigabyte and eight gigabytes internal memory, which can extend through a microSD card.

 The team also has a thirteen-megapixel main camera and a 1.3 megapixel front. With this second you can make all selfies and video calls as you want. The operating system with which has the smartphone is Android 4.4.2 and has 3,000 milliamp batteries, which ensures us a day and a half of battery life.

 The phone will have 3G connectivity and will be available in white, black and gold for anyone who wants to get one. Then we will analyze in more detail the device.

LG G3 Stylus

 Design and Display

  The LG G3 Stylus has a very similar design to the flagship of the Korean company, the LG G3. Thus, the terminal display occupies almost the entire front, leaving little free space. The truth is that the space is very well used since, in this way, it is possible that the device dimensions are smaller than we expected but still having a great panel. His final measurements are 149.3 x 75.9 x 10.2 mm and weighs 163 grams.

Also, its back cover imitation remains a kind of torn metal that causes the phone to denote certain quality and elegance. What is big news is its stylus, which is responsible for the name of the smartphone. With it you can do a more professional use of the phone, since it allows for more precision when writing, drawing, or perform some task related to the workplace.

 As we advance, the terminal has a 5.5 inch screen with qHD resolution, ie of 960 x 540 pixels. This will make us see all the files you want to a high quality, despite being a little worse than the LG G3. Probably, it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3; durable glass can resist shocks or scratches.

 Also, how much this device Dual Windows, or what is the same, have the option to Multi. With this you will be divided to multitask screen at once , which means that you will be productive.

LG G3 Stylus

 Camera and Multimedia

 The main camera of LG G3 thirteen megapixels Stylus is an excellent quality for all the pictures you want. It also has LED flash for taking night photographs with a great clarity. As for your front, the device has 1.3 megapixels. With it, we can take all selfies you want and make video calls through external applications like Skype and Hangouts.

It also comes with features like Touch & Shoot, a feature of it to capture the image by touching anywhere on the screen. The same goes for Gesture Shot, which allows you to drink a selfie simply making a fist, to make it more users friendly. It also has Geo-tagging, so you can mark the location of your snapshots when you do. How could it be otherwise, you can take panoramic images. Additionally, you can record videos at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

 As for the multimedia formats supported by this phone, although the Korean company not specified, we can deduce that the most common feature:  MP3, Midi, AAC, AMR, WAV, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, 3GP, MP4, 3GPP.

LG G3 Stylus

 Power and memory

  The LG G3 Stylus takes within it a quad-core processor running at 1.3 gigahertz power. With this we will make a good terminal performance. As for your RAM, your computer will have a gigabyte, an amount that we may fall short if we use several applications at once.

Its internal memory reaches eight gigabytes and although it may seem small, we can always expand using a microSD card. If still you lack space, you can always use some service cloud storage like DropBox or Google Drive.

 Operating System and Applications

 The smartphone will come with the operating system Android 4.4.2, software for mobile and tablets Google. With it you can have access to over a million applications of Google Play, the company store in Mountain View. Among the most popular are Twitter, Facebook or Instagram .

In addition, the terminal has three apps special with which you can make the most of your phone. The first is the LG Smart Keyboard, which improves the predictive errors by up to 75 percent of cases. The second is QuickMemo, an application that allows you to take notes freehand and written quickly and without any difficulty.

 LG also incorporated into the terminal Knock Code TM, an option that is able to unlock the handset with a custom pattern that enhances the security of smartphone.

 Connectivity and autonomy

 The LG G3 Stylus features 3G connectivity, so you can not navigate to the high-speed Internet. Consequently, your data rate will be able to take it anymore. The team also comes with WiFi to wirelessly browsing, GPS for your road trips, and Bluetooth, to connect with other devices. As for your battery, the computer has 3,000 milliamps, which will mean that the autonomy of the terminal will be day and a half, approximately.

 Availability and reviews

  The LG G3 Stylus will arrive first to Brazil and then shall be seen in other markets. The price is still unknown, but we assume that it will have a very attractive cost to the user because they have lowered the performance of LG G3.

 This phone is perfect for those who want a more professional use of the device without having to spend an excessive amount. His pen is one of the qualities that make it different to the flagship of the brand and, although they have reduced their benefits, the truth is that it has a fairly balanced specification.

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