Rumor: LG V30 may be the first smartphone with OLED display

Rumor: LG V30 may be the first smartphone with OLED display

LG could use OLED displays for its high-end smartphones this year. According to sources close to the South Korean manufacturer, the LG V30 should be the first device of the brand to use this technology.

After several years to hesitate, LG finally decided to endow its high-end smartphones with an OLED screen. The production of such screens should start from the month of July to believe several indiscretions. What could allow the LG V30, the successor of the LGV20, to benefit from it for its release planned for the month of September. The LG G7 should be the second LG smartphone to be equipped with an OLED display.

As a reminder, the OLED displays are composed of diodes that generate their own light. While an LCD screen uses crystals (hence the LCD name: Liquid Crystal Display) and a backlight system, the OLED screen works differently thanks to electroluminescence which makes us forget these two concepts: light is autogenized by the diodes to the nearest pixel. In general, OLED displays offer better viewing angles and better lighting management, despite lower light levels.

In addition to inaugurating an OLED screen, the LG V30 would also have a screen of a size comparable to that of the Galaxy S8 +, 6.2 inches. Like the G6, the V30 could benefit from a borderless screen allowing it to offer a larger screen while maintaining respectable dimensions for a phablet.

On the other hand, there is little likelihood of seeing the LG V30 again in our countries. Last year, the LG V20 was not born in Europe and it is a safe bet that his successor will follow the same path.

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