Mionix Zibal 60 Review

Mionix Zibal 60 Review

The Mionix Zibal 60 is a new mechanical keyboard oriented to the world of gaming. A team that is highly resistant thanks to its Black Cherry MX keys and their ability to withstand the accidental spillage. In addition, users can choose up to three different lighting levels to keep our games at night (or in the room with the lights off). Another interesting features Mionix Zibal 60 is the inclusion of a hub with two USB 2.0 ports (to keep ports available) with an audio output. This accessory is available for gamers in the market for a price of 130 euros. We had the chance to try it, here are our impressions.

Mionix Zibal 60 Review

Mechanical keyboard trust

Mionix keyboard is built to last. This team is committed to gamers a mechanical key switches Black Cherry MX type, an option that significantly improves the strength of Zibal 60 against an intense and continuous use. These keys have a resistance of 60g and a minimum distance of 2 mm Response (4 mm all key press). One aspect that caught our attention is that this mechanical keyboard is not as loud as other proposals on the market, though probably not the best partner to work with office applications or use at night.

The Mionix Zibal 60 ensures a lifecycle of 50 million keystrokes. Another feature is that gamers will appreciate its ability to recognize several keys simultaneously, a key budget when using key combos in our games. Specifically, we may press six keys at the same time without any trouble recognizing keystrokes.

Mionix Zibal 60 Review

Design and keys

In the field of design, it is noteworthy that Mionix follows the standards of this type of gamer accessories. We are at a keyboard with a considerable weight, which helps keep it firmly in place when accelerate our pulse and “mistreat” in the middle of the heat of battle. Specifically, the weight is in the 1,560 grams. The company is committed to the black color in the logo design of Mionix on the top right. Compared to other competing proposals, this keyboard is committed to a simpler format without the inclusion of numerous function keys. This can be an advantage for average users who want to play without major additions but can become a handicap for the most experienced gamers.

The layout of the keys is good, but we would have liked a little more space between them or perhaps a size slightly larger key. Of course, once we have become accustomed to the keyboard is quite comfortable to use and responsive to touches. One of the only specific formats added to traditional keyboard is the inclusion of a key action Mionix replacing the typical function key, although its operation is basically the same. At the top there are two keys that will be used to manage the backlight of the team. We talked about the F11 and F12 keys.

Mionix Zibal 60 Review

When hold down the action key, the F11 key is used to change the intensity of the keyboard lights on three different levels. Meanwhile, the F12 key is used to turn on all the lights on the keyboard or only the WASD keys keys usually used as arrow keys for use in games. The color of the LED light has a yellow cast, which gives a very modern touch but not as flashy as other keyboards we tested (and often opt for nuclear green).

Another point to be highlight of Mionix Zibal 60 is the inclusion of a wrist rest to make it more comfortable typing for long periods. In addition, this model has greater versatility to be able to hook and unhook the wrist rest at will. Mionix wanted to highlight this keyboard resistance against liquid spills, a common accident when we face the computer screen long hours and do not want to stop the game. Finally, we must highlight the robustness of the cable having a length of 1.5 meters.

Mionix Zibal 60 Review

Connections and compatibility

The Mionix Zibal 60 is a Plug & Play accessory. Simply connect via the USB port (or two ports if we use the HUB) and Windows automatically recognizes the accessory and download drivers (if you need them). That is, in a few seconds you can start using the keyboard on the computer without difficulty. Besides the two USB connections, this equipment can also be connected to the audio output to replicate the output to headphones or a speaker directly into the Zibal 60. Another advantage of this device is the inclusion of a HUB to connect two USB 2.0 ports type. This is useful for example to connect a mouse and not have to be so conditioned in the position to adopt against the PC.

Mionix Zibal 60 Review

Price and Review

The Mionix Zibal 60 and can be found in the market for a price of 130 euros. This is a competitive price for these features keyboard with keys Black Cherry. In short, this is a project aimed at gamers who want a very reliable and durable equipment model. Yes, Mionix has chosen to minimize some extra items such as dedicated function keys or the ability to program the keys to our liking. This option facilitates the use of the keyboard, but can become a handicap for the most seasoned gamers who want to squeeze every possibility of a gamer keyboard. However, a good proposal for performance premier fuss.

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