MOON Neo ACE – “All in One” versatile playback device

MOON Neo ACE - "All in One" versatile playback device

New product launches Moon is a combination of 3 in 1: source number, preamp and power amplifier for users who do not want a headache about compositing equipment problems.

The new idea is not new and a substantive subject was many others thought of before, but when considering the diversity of features and sound quality, the demonstration proved Neo ACE stands out. Based on a set of the dedicated music server, Neo ACE being able to find and play the music stored on NAS drives or mobile devices on the internal network of the Ethernet or WiFi according to connectivity through DLNA or UPnP protocols trendy.

Neo ACE uses decoder chip DAC capable of decoding PCM up to 32 bit/384 kHz and DSD256, provide the ability to decode hardware directly from streaming music files from network system with high quality, meeting strict demands with discerning ears and sound rigorous. In addition, the product also integrates Bluetooth connectivity with compatible apt-X coding, enabling audio data transmitted from mobile devices with high quality.

MOON Neo ACE - "All in One" versatile playback device

Not only that, Neo ACE module also integrates always both Preamp and power amplifier inside, allowing the user can use such a device Neo ACE power amp preamp quality with carefully designed and allowed to receive input signals from the audio device type conventional line-level format and a port for Turntables Phono with high quality. The meanwhile integrated power amp module enables speakerphone to pull with maximum power reached 50W/channel, enough to cater for the needs of most players.

The entire casing is machined from metal with a thickness of 8 mm, to increase certainty and stability and better noise rejection for the system during operation. Currently, only 2 color options are black and silver metallic with suggested price comes from the firm Moon is $3500 USD.

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