New Samsung SM-E700F joins the future series E

A new Samsung SM-E700F joins the future series E

Surely we all know the intentions of Samsung redesigned its catalog of face next year, as it has much work ahead if you want to improve your financial data, sales and above all, to stand up to Chinese manufacturers who have come to throw prices in many segments of the mobile phone.

 And that series A which is clear in the future with Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, it now appears that comes your way another range, the E series which already has two models that we know: the SM-E500F and this we bring today, the SM-E700F would mean one second integral who could we call  Galaxy E7?

 The fact is that this model has been sighted anywhere Zauba India, as you know, is with the FCC one of the places that best serve to learn from what they’re companies. And in the case of the SM-E700F passed through its borders 40 units of this terminal last November 26 .

A new Samsung SM-E700F joins the future series E

 Some interesting facts in the report of the goods declared appear, as this device will have a 5.5-inch screen and that each unit of imported had a value of 12,645 Indian rupees which, however, represent about 165 euros. Is it that figures an indication that this is a ‘mid-range’ device?

 Why we could call this SM-E700F something like Galaxy E7? Quite simply applying a rule of three . If the Samsung Galaxy A5 has a ‘model number’ SM-A500, how can we call this just happened by Indian border? It has all the earmarks that would walk not too misguided.

 Of course, leaves us wanting to know more what range will occupy in the future catalog of Samsung E series and more specifically the SM-E700F.

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