Oukitel C8 Review – budget phablet with 18:9 display and fingerprint scanner

Oukitel C8 Review - budget phablet with 18:9 display

Oukitel C8 – another budget smartphone from China, which tries to be like the Samsung Galaxy S8 the same elongated display. This model is one of the cheapest in such a performance. In order for the smartphone to fall into the ultra-budget segment, the company had to abandon the heap of modern functions, including a productive processor with 4G. On materials also noticeably saved, using only plastic.

Oukitel C8: Specifications

Oukitel C8 Review - budget phablet with 18:9 display

Oukitel C8 Review - budget phablet with 18:9 display

Oukitel C8: Design

Chinese budget smartphones are trying to attract buyers with a bright design, copied from flagship solutions from A-brands. Oukitel C8 borrowed the main features of the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S8. True, instead of expensive materials and first-class assembly, we get plastic and the impression, as if we have a cheap toy. Plastic cover, which is removed, even on the manufacturer’s render looks very budget. But the color options are more than enough. To review the public, the Oukitel C8 was rolled out in purple, blue, pink, black and gold.

The model is presented by a 5.5-inch screen, but with a non-standard ratio of 18: 9. Because of this, the smartphone is slightly higher than its counterparts with displays 16: 9. As for the framework, they are. And very noticeable. On the edges, strips in 4.1-4.3 mm are noticeable, which is quite a lot – approximately, like most “non-addressable” solutions. Above and below the frame is much thinner than most other smartphones in this price segment, but still significant.

Outwardly, Oukitel C8 issues an affiliation to the budget segment. This is cheap plastic and mediocre enough assembly. The smartphone is quite thick, its thickness is 10.2 mm, the remaining dimensions are – length 147.0 mm, width 70.0 mm. C8 has a classic arrangement of elements, collapsible. Under the cover, you will find a removable battery and also a pair of trays for SIM-cards and a dedicated slot for memory cards.

Oukitel C8 Review - budget phablet with 18:9 displayOukitel C8: Screen

Oukitel C8 has a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×640 pixels (just below HD). The manufacturer claims that a LTPS-matrix (on polycrystalline silicon) is used. They are characterized by lower energy consumption, providing a higher pixel density. So we can count on a good display for a smartphone budget level.

As already noted, it is not without a framework, although in the photos the manufacturer carefully tries to hide it. In addition, some images create the feeling that the screen of the Oukitel C8 is bent around the edges, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, for example. But we know something with you, that in fact there is no bending. The edges, of course, are slightly rounded due to a 2.5D glass of unknown origin. For a good oleophobic layer or wide viewing angles in Oukitel C8, counting is not particularly necessary.

Oukitel C8 Review - budget phablet with 18:9 displayOukitel C8: Performance

The trouble with all Chinese smart third-tier smartphones is the processor’s performance. It seems that the appearance is not bad, and the cameras will come off, and the autonomy is quite self-explanatory, but the MediaTek processor breaks the idyll. Oukitel C8 is presented on the ultra-budget 4-core chipset Mediatek MT6580A, the frequency reaches only 1.5 GHz. For everyday tasks, it’s good, but you cannot even run games. The processor is built on an outdated 28-nm chip, which does not have good energy efficiency. But you do not have to worry that the chip will quickly put the battery in, the phone’s autonomy is quite good.

The smartphone has 2 GB of RAM, today it can boast of not every budget smartphone. The drive from Oukitel C8 to 16 GB, which is also good. In addition, the smartphone has a dedicated slot for microSD cards up to 64 GB. Oukitel C8 we have the usual, almost “clean” Android 7.0 Nougat OS.

The smartphone has two SIM-cards – nano and micro. Oukitel C8 supports work in 2G and 3G. Fourth generation networks are not available due to the processor architecture. The most typical wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. Did not stay smartphone without a fingerprint scanner, whose platform is on the back side. With confidence, we can say that in terms of speed and accuracy, it will yield slightly more expensive analogs from well-known companies.

It is difficult to count on a quality sound. However, as a rule, Chinese manufacturers do not stint on loudspeakers. For navigation is available the only system – GPS.

Oukitel C8 Review - budget phablet with 18:9 display

Oukitel C8: Camera

The smartphone has a budget module on each side. The main camera is 8 megapixels with interpolation up to 13 megapixels. The front camera is completely 2 MP (with software interpolation up to 5 MP). There is an LED flash. The maximum that can be obtained by these cameras – medium-quality photos in good lighting conditions. You cannot even talk about shooting at night.

Oukitel C8 Review - budget phablet with 18:9 displayOukitel C8: Battery

The Oukitel C8 is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery. If the manufacturer tried to optimize at least somehow the system, then with the declared characteristics from the smartphone it will be possible to squeeze out something about two days of battery life in a sparing mode. Naturally, the smartphone does not have a fast charging technology, but the battery capacity is not so impressive to worry about charging time.

Oukitel C8: Price

Budget smartphone Oukitel C8 can be bought on Gearbest for $ 79.99

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