Oukitel K3 Review – 4G Phablet with 4 cameras and 6000 mAh battery

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

The new smartphone Oukitel K3 is presented by the manufacturer as a business smartphone for the rich and successful. Oukitel K3 is a smartphone with two distinct features: it has four cameras and a battery for 6000 mAh. In all other respects – this is an ordinary ultra-budget smartphone.

But if you are looking for a smartphone with excellent autonomy and you do not want to charge the device every day, this is a very interesting option from the OUKITEL brand.

Oukitel K3: Specifications

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

Oukitel K3: Design

Oukitel K3 is a fairly large monoblock with sharp edges and large dimensions: the weight of the smartphone is 209 grams, the thickness is 9.9 mm. The case of the smartphone is metal. Plastic inserts only in the upper and lower part, under the antenna. Due to the beveled chamfer, keep the phone in your hand comfortably, do not slip. In front of the front there is a front camera, proximity sensor, illumination, event indicator, auditory speaker.

Dual cameras on the front and back of the device are made in an original way – this is perfectly visible in this photo. The choice of the buyer will be two color options Oukitel K3 – Bright Black and Sapphire Blue.

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

From the bottom of the device are two touch buttons, they have a designation and adaptive backlight. The central button is mechanical, it is also a fingerprint scanner. From the bottom of the symmetry, a micro USB connector, and two holes for the main speaker.

On the top of the phone, there is a 3.5 mm jack, on the left is a combined micro SD slot or two nano sim cards. With the right swing of volume control, and the on/off button of the smartphone.

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

Oukitel K3: Display

The OUKITEL K3 is equipped with a 5.5 inch IPS display from Sharp, with screen resolutions (FHD) of 1920×1080 pixels, 401 ppi. It is made on technology LTPS providing high indicators of brightness, sharpness and color rendition.

The display is covered by a protective glass, manufactured using 2.5 D technology, slightly rounded edges, called Arc Screen. Despite the fact that on the promo photos it seems that the OUKITEL K3 does not have frames around the display – it’s not. The screen itself occupies about 70%. On the sides of the display, there is an indentation of approximately 5 mm. The screen itself shows itself perfectly: a clear picture, a natural color rendition, and wide viewing angles.

There is an adaptive backlight, and for adjusting the brightness in the smartphone, as in many others, is responsible for applications MiraVision.

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

Oukitel K3: Performance

The Oukitel K3 smartphone has an 8-core MediaTek MTK6750T processor using a 64-bit main processor consisting of 4-cores ARM Cortex-A53 with a maximum frequency of 1.5 GHz and 4 cores ARM Cortex-A53 with a frequency of 1.0 GHz. In order to save money when performing simple tasks, 4 cores operating at a frequency of up to 1GHz, when starting more complex processes, 4 cores are connected at a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz.

For the graphics in the smartphone meets the chip Mali T-860 MP2. The dual-core solution is suitable for simple 3D games. With the operating and built-in memory, the smartphone is OK: 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM. For such generosity, the manufacturer can only be thanked. In the AnTuTu performance test, Oukitel K3 scores about 40,000 points.

Work novelty will be running the operating system Android 7.0.

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

Oukitel K3: Camera

Now let’s move to the most interesting – to the cameras OUKITEL K3. The manufacturer installed four modules at once: twice at 13.0MP + 0.3MP. The primary camera has 16MP interpolation. In theory, the second camera should determine the focal length to the subject and make high-quality photos with a background blur effect. However, for this, it is not enough just to shove a dual camera into the smartphone. To do this, the phone must be adjusted to the appropriate algorithm for processing photos. Something tells us that Oukitel K3 will be stripped of this algorithm.

Of the advantages worth noting rapid focus, on an application is triggered for 0.1 seconds, the presence of manual mode for setting ISO, exposure and lighting mode.

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras

Oukitel K3: Battery

The main feature of this smartphone and the brand as a whole is autonomy. The smartphone has a non-removable battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh. In the market, there are models with similar batteries, but in OUKITEL they added the possibility of fast charging of MTK PAMP Express 12V and a current strength of 2A. This allows you to charge from 1 to 100% per hundred minutes. Given that it charges in less than two hours, this is a very tangible difference will be for those who have to charge their smartphone every day.

But the very fast charging will be available only when the smartphone is powered by the original power supply.

The operating time of the smartphone in the economical mode of the battery will be 3-4 days.

Oukitel K3 Review - 4G Phablet with 4 cameras Oukitel K3: Price

The new smartphone OUKITEL K3 can be purchased at the Gearbest online store for $ 159.99.

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