Panasonic VX870 and Panasonic BDT270 – camcorder and Blu-Ray player 4K

Panasonic VX870 and Panasonic BDT270 - camcorder and Blu-Ray player 4K

The 4K or UHD is the new standard for high definition picture that is spreading rapidly through various products and equipment. The high-end TVs have this resolution, but are not the only ones who enjoy this improvement; there are 4K cameras and DVD. Panasonic wants to bring 4K our homes and it does a Blu-Ray player and a home video camera. The CES was the venue chosen by the Japanese brand to introduce these new 4K. On the one hand we have the Panasonic VX870, camcorder for fans seeking the best quality. Panasonic VX870 has a zoom lens up to 40x and an image processor for the workflow is as fluid as possible. The player Panasonic BDT270 Blu-Ray offers scaled 4K, Internet and many online features, to turn any TV into a Smart TV by simply connecting. We tell you the keys of the new Panasonic products.

Panasonic VX870 and Panasonic BDT270 - camcorder and Blu-Ray player 4K

 Panasonic offer any level on a home camera for discerning aficionados. Panasonic VX870 has a Leica Dicomar lens with variable zoom, as the video quality. The smart zoom can magnify images without losing quality up to 40 times, but only if recorded in full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels). If we want to realize their full potential and burn UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), the zoom is at 25X, which is not bad. Your BSI sensor is prepared for better use of light and gets satisfactory results even though the light is low. It has 8-megapixel resolution and capture images even while we are recording a video. Panasonic includes HDR video mode on this model, a system that records two images at different exposures and merges, preserving details in darker areas and also the clearest. The Crystal Engine 4K processor ensures that everything goes fluid.

 The Panasonic 4K camcorder also has several special features. Its autofocus offers several modes for capturing action scenes and keep everything clear. Also carries hybrid optical stabilizer and a function called Level shot, keeps the horizontal image. Other features of the Panasonic VX870 are the baby monitor or Twin Camera, which allows us to synchronize to a smartphone or tablet and record the same scene simultaneously from two different modes.

Panasonic VX870 and Panasonic BDT270 - camcorder and Blu-Ray player 4K

 The Panasonic BDT270 Blu-Ray plays content in 4K and also carries a scaling system that adds pixels to images, interpolating to get a larger image. It has a good range of connections, including WiFi and DLNA, to play multimedia content from other computers without using wires. The Miracast system doubles the screen and takes own Smart TV functions such as browser, access to social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and video streaming services. Among his physical connections are HDMI CEC ports, used to connect the player to a Smart TV and be able to handle with the TV remote. Both the player with the 4K camera will be available from April.

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