Samsung patented technology Duo Pixel, perhaps for Galaxy S7

Samsung patented technology Duo Pixel, perhaps for Galaxy S7

Last month Samsung unveiled its new BRITECELL sensor, one ISOCELL’s successor and that promises greater light sensitivity in low light conditions and to reduce color artifacts. He will not come with 1/2 inch sensor that has been alerted by some rumors, but the company said a component has smaller pixels, which will create a more compact camera module we’ve seen in recent company devices. With the only 1.0um, the novelty promises better performance when the ambient lighting is poor.

 The sensor is also aided by technology from Samsung Smart WDR to provide a more detailed image using multi-display for better spatial resolution and Phase Detection Auto Focus or PDAF to deliver a faster and more accurate autofocus. Samsung has not confirmed when the BRITECELL technology will be used in its smartphones, but it is safe to assume that the Galaxy S7 could be the first mobile chosen by the company. Now, we see that more information about the camera of the company’s new flagship just leaking, called Duo Pixel.

Samsung patented technology Duo Pixel, perhaps for Galaxy S7

 As seen above, the name Duo Pixel was found in USPTO registration, showing that Samsung truly is with various technologies to test your new sensor. This name may be related to the use of twin photodiodes for each pixel, which speeds up the response time of the camera’s focus to both photos and for video. However, there is one detail: the technology is connected to a 12-megapixel sensor while we can expect a 20-megapixel camera for the Galaxy S7.

 Earlier we saw a rumor alleging that Samsung is planning on bringing more advanced technologies to its simplest smartphones. The optical image stabilizer is the surest bet but a BRITECELL sensor Duo Pixel could considerably improve the photo quality of the basic models of the Galaxy line. Anyway, the announcement of the Galaxy S7 is getting closer and closer, where we can have more information on the Duo Pixel technology. And nothing prevents the company also has a 20 MP sensor ready for your new smartphone top line.

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