Surface Phone can be released as member of Microsoft Lumia line

Surface Phone can be released as member of Microsoft Lumia line

The Surface Phone is probably one of the most anticipated gadgets of recent times, as it will unite the core strengths of the Lumia smartphone line with the design and advantages of the Surface tablets, creating a perfect device for those looking for productivity and a premium product. In a recent interview to the website The Verge, the engineer responsible for the Surface Division at Microsoft “confirmed” the development of the device, reporting that it would be the first really designed for the sector.

 Now, new information released in an update of the interview granted by the executive explain a little more about the supposed device, revealing that he actually will continue as a member of the Lumia line, contrary to that indicated all the rumors. Because of this, we have a new numbering being initiated soon, since it would make sense to launch in a few months a successor to the Lumias 950 and 950 XL, which are the more stocky models currently Lumia family.

 According to the comments of the responsible for the article on The Verge, Panay seemed very excited about the arrival of smartphones with legacy elements of the Surface tablet line, as with so everyone could see your work as an industry leader.

  People expect a unification of the brands for a common identity between the devices to be created, but this does not mean that we will have all products under one brand, as this would also encompass the Xbox. Still, it’s hard not to imagine a Lumia smartphone inspired by the Surface in the future.

It was not revealed any details on what would be the new numbering of the new smartphone, or if he would come with a name like Surface Lumia, for example, leaving we wait that Microsoft make available more information on the subject to know what their real plans for the device.

Surface Phone can be released as member of Microsoft Lumia line

 Even what time to “know” about the Surface Phone, and said only that he will come with a 5.5 inch screen with resolution Quad HD 1440 x 2560 pixels, 64-bit Intel chipset with quad-core 14nm manufactured and miscellaneous differentials for productivity, including perhaps your own cover-keyboard as we have in the Surface tablets and a special dock for use of the Continuum, further increasing the power of the function with the execution of Win32 programs.

 According to inside sources alleged in contact with the portal Nokia PowerUser, the product will also have a body built in alloy and news focused on security, thus seeking to ensure your success with the corporate environment, which is its main focus.

 As nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft, there is no way that we ensure that the model will in fact be released with these specifications, which must be explained officially until next year.

Source: Verge

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