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Toshiba launches Aurex TY-AH1000 0

Toshiba launches Aurex TY-AH1000

Recently Toshiba has launched AUREX TY-AH1000, a boombox, but somewhat nostalgic certified Hi-res audio standards and carrying the connection of modern technology is quite popular nowadays. Aurex TY-AH1000 reminiscent of the once very popular...


Toshiba unveils new Tecra and Portege laptops

Toshiba renews its offer of laptops premium Z-series with the new Portege z20t-C, Portege Z30-C, Tecra Z40-c and Tecra z50-c. Based on sixth-generation Intel Core and screens with diagonal 12.5 “, 13.3”, 14 “and...

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