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Yamaha LSX-70 portable speaker 1

Yamaha LSX-70 portable speaker with light

The Yamaha LSX-70 is a portable speaker that is designed to provide a very relaxing atmosphere. And not only for the music, because this small unit, which weighs less than a kilo, incorporates had...

Yamaha LSX-170 speaker 1

Yamaha LSX-170, speaker with light

When lit, the Yamaha LSX-170 looks like a lamp, but it’s actually a speaker. Part of the Relit Japanese brand family, which includes audio products related to relaxation at home. With it, you can...

Yamaha SRT-1000 1

Yamaha SRT-1000, sound quality for your TV

The generation TVs offer outstanding picture quality and feature stylish designs and most especially thin. However this is a disadvantage facing the sound, and flat TVs that are not precisely known for offering powerful...

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