YAHOO working on unlocking a smartphone with ear

YAHOO working on unlocking a smartphone with ear

Biometric authentication is allowing us to use other systems to increase the safety of our devices, far from the classical password. Currently, the most widespread is fingerprint sensor tracks, through which we can unlock our terminal or purchase applications using our finger. Apple introduced its iPhone 5S, but there are other models on the market that include, including the new Samsung Galaxy S6 or Huawei P8.

 How could it be otherwise, these great advances not stay here and study and other methods to implement in future devices. Although it seems a little science fiction, can you imagine you respond to calls from your phone directly placing it in the ear? This will be possible in not too long thanks to Yahoo! company researchers have managed to identify some prototypes the pinna of a user, configuring them previously. Thus, it has been able to answer a call, as well as access into the terminal just sticking to the ear.

YAHOO working on unlocking a smartphone with ear

 This is not the thing, since it also has worked for the palms, knuckles can be used, and even elbows. Perhaps this is a bit exaggerated, but it can be interesting for in specific situations, getting the unlock much faster for user convenience. This new technology of YAHOO, which has been presented in Seoul have dubbed Bodyprint. To give you an idea of their effectiveness, they have been tested with twelve volunteers. The success could not be greater: the body parts are identified with an accuracy of 99.98%, and users with the 99.52%. Meanwhile, the rate of false rejections is located at 26.82%.

 For now, it is unknown when it will be launched. It is necessary that manufacturers begin to see interesting. Before this we could see devices that are able to be unlocked with eyes. Recently, Fujitsu showed off a prototype with iris reader included. As is the case with fingerprint sensor fingerprint, the user will have to register their iris to further unlock the device. Since the company believes that it is a much safer system because in his opinion the tracks are easier to copy. Fujitsu plans would throw over this year in Japan and then market it elsewhere.

 We assume that would kick off and we would see many more models with iris recognition. Quite possibly, another that comprise be the next flagship Microsoft, the Lumia 940. According to some rumors, this device could be announced within hours at the BUILD developer conference, the company celebrated every year. We would see through the windows, quite possibly, in the last quarter of this year, maybe longer ruled by Windows 10, the latest version of the platform.

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