Yamaha MCR-N670, Hi-Fi system with network connection

Yamaha MCR-N670, Hi-Fi system with network connection


The Japanese Yamaha has just launched a new hi-fi which is included within his family equipment multiroom MusicCAST. The new Yamaha MCR-N670 comes as a Hi-Fi compact size and elegant design, with aluminum finish front and side panels topped by black. It consists of an amplifier over a DVD, which is also added two speakers with five-inch woofer belonging to the Soavo line. The network connection and WiFi and Bluetooth wireless ports are other interesting details of this brand new set of tuning forks.

One need only take a look at the photos to acknowledge the good work being done by Yamaha when addressing the design of his hi-fi. The new MCR-N670 sports a premium design aspect also undeniable recalls the heyday of the big teams Hi-Fi eighties thanks mainly to the distinguished silver finish and design of the buttons. And it is that both the amplifier and the player have the same aluminum finish with black side panels in color, a design that was already seen in other teams Yamaha but it certainly is successful and will attract those looking for modern equipment but elegant look.

Yamaha MCR-N670, Hi-Fi system with network connection

But let us now to equipment specifications. As mentioned above, the MCR-N670 is a team of two bodies, plus DVD amplifier and two speakers pulling compact size, but not smaller. Both the reader and the receiver also follow this premise, since a width of 314 mm for each module, the new Yamaha introduces a compact but without the constrictions of the mini-chains size. In terms of performance, the amplifier has an output of 65 watts per channel into 6 ohms, a figure quite proportionate to the size and configuration of the speakers. The amplifier module is characterized by poor controls, showing only the required volume knob to the right side of the front panel, plus three controls for bass, treble and balance stereo. As most observers notice, the amp has no input selector. The explanation is that the entire signal distribution work is done on the player. This component has a CD player, FM tuner, USB port and, most importantly, network connection via Ethernet port but also wirelessly over WiFi, Bluetooth and AirPlay. Thus, the MCR-N670 is able to play music stored on computers, network drives, tablets and smartphones with a high quality 96 kHz, 24-bit, and of course that reproduce streaming through any of these teams from Spotify, Google Play Music or YouTube.

Yamaha MCR-N670, Hi-Fi system with network connection

Finally, we cannot afford to pass up the compatibility of the new MCR-N670 with multiroom audio system MusicCAST the Japanese giant. This allows the new Yamaha connect with any other compatible equipment MusicCAST we have at home to share music. For example, if we have the MCR-N670 in the lounge and WX-030 speakers in a room, we can hear the same song on both devices. Thanks to MusicCAST is also possible to send audio from any source that we have connected to the computer. Although the usefulness of MusicCAST is the ability to send a different song to each of the teams that we have on the network. The entire control system is made from an app available for iOS and Android, from which we define what song, is playing in every room or the same music send to all players. The new Yamaha MCR-N670 is available, and its suggested retail price is 740 euros.

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