Yamaha WX-030: active speaker multiroom, MusicCAST, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth

Yamaha WX-030: active speaker multiroom, MusicCAST, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth


The small speaker Yamaha WX-030 incorporates a WiFi Direct port to communicate with the rest of the range equipment Yamaha MusicCAST so you can share music throughout your home network. This new audio feature of Japanese network allows all MusicCAST receive and send audio equipment or from any of the devices in the range, allowing us to create a multiroom system can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet through the application free MusicCAST. The Yamaha WX-030 is the compact choice of the range, making it ideal for small rooms as a bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom.

 With a quite functional and unobtrusive appearance, the new Yamaha WX-030 involves, as we said, the family compact solution MusicCAST equipment. It is available in white or black, and its external dimensions are 24.3 centimeters wide by 15.6 high and 11.5 deep, with a weight of 2.2 kg. It is a small team that is designed as a desktop speaker, but can also be installed on the wall, and the truth is that in this way looks great. The front surface has the classic grille speaker protection, moving the control buttons on the top panel.

Yamaha WX-030: active speaker multiroom, MusicCAST, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth

 As for its technical specifications, the Yamaha WX-030 transmits sound through a two-way system consisting of a midrange / woofer nine centimeters and a dome tweeter three centimeters that deals with high frequencies. A passive radiator helps boost the bass to enhance sound sense of depth. With all this, the WX-030 offers full audio power of 30 watts, enough for listening to music in a room or small room at a normal volume.

Yamaha WX-030: active speaker multiroom, MusicCAST, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth

 But undoubtedly the most interesting feature of the new Yamaha WX-030 is the MusicCAST function. Thanks to the Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth ports supported, this small Yamaha can communicate with other computers MusicCAST network, enabling both receive and send your favorite music from the Yamaha WX-030 to another speaker, Yamaha sound bar or compatible equipment. The MusicCAST range we can create a true multi-room system, sending different music to each computer or synchronizing all to reproduce the same. In any case, the network management is done through the MusicCAST application, with which we can govern an entire system or just one team. With this app you can access our digital collection of songs, but also streaming music services like Spotify. The Bluetooth port also works both ways, and in addition to playing the music of our smartphone or tablet without connecting any wires can for example link a wireless headset to listen to our favorite songs in private, which also have the right.

 Yamaha has not yet made public the price of new WX-030, but as a reference, in some US stores and is being offered for $ 250, about 220 euros to change.

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