YotaPhone 3: planned launch in 2016 with a price of about $ 550

YotaPhone 3: planned launch in 2016 with a price of about $ 550

YotaPhone 3 has release date scheduled for next year, costing about $ 550 at an early stage of sales, resembling the primary time in their two previous generations. The details of future line of smartphones were revealed by Bloomberg, gaining first-hand information about the future of the company founded in Russia, which has already received the impulse to Vladimir Putin, the current president of the region, even to the present leader of China with a unit of YotaPhone 2. The fame of the company based in the territory of the Euro-Asia grew internationally because their products promise innovation to count on two separate screens, one color in common use, and other monochrome.

 The production of the third generation smartphone with a pair of displays is, reportedly, in charge of YotaPhone and ZTE, which formed recently a partnership for the new manufacturing occurs without unforeseen, joining its industrial progress to ensure the mass production level to demand, and ensure consumers the quality needed for public sale, using the Sailfish OS as the standard operating system. Still, other companies based in China should go into partnership with the Russian organization, promoting an acceptable commercial turn, taking into account the smartphone creator of youth with the interesting dual displays. Still, the price seems to be a difficulty to be faced.

 Not known for a strong list of technical specifications, the models created by YotaPhone reached the mobile phone market for a deemed high value, since internal components not accompanied the flagships of their respective eras. The label of explanation to the high number gives by the presence of two distinct screens, endearing how much the cost of production per unit as the manufacturing, explaining that put a couple of displays is more expensive to fit one.

 About 65% of all the YotaPhone was purchased by an investment group in Hong Kong, after the private Russian company in the United States has failed due to a possible espionage initiative between governments, so a greater amount of money is coming as investment resulting in high expectations for the future YotaPhone 3. Of course, the financial power does not guarantee that there will be a global premiere, so do not have hopes of seeing him here in the coming seasons, only if you choose to import a novelty copy when it is released.

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